For starters, Prague is a beautiful city. Rest of the city doesn’t clash with the multitudes of the cultural treasure present in their streets, which includes some pre-communist modern neighborhoods. Center of Prague is made-up of the great castle, the Old Town Square, the Astronomical Clock, the ancient watchtowers, the Jewish quarter and the numbers of churches of all. 




Prague is a modern city, with its Starbucks, McDonald's and other chains scattered through the streets, but still preserves all the essence in Czech restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a home cooked meal with fries and a really good price. They are eager to preserve their tradition, which is hard to find in other European capital.



Accommodation in city is suit to all budgets and provides good quality service. Being a city where the tourism boom began a few years ago, most Hotels, Hostels and apartments are new, although they are in the middle of the city. The cost of living is lower than the Spanish, so we will not be a bundle.


The Czechs, are cold and aloof by nature, especially compared with the Andalusians, especially when you tell them you're spanish, at which time they draw a smile on your face remembering some past holidays in Madrid or Barcelona what you have visited. About the Czech, I can assure you that you do not get tired of seeing so many bright blue eyes and green.


Beer is a way of life in Prague. There are a huge numbers of restaurants and bars that offers you a variety of beers, so if you are fond of beers, there is a strong reason to try them. And if your great taste does not convince you, then to find € 1 pints sure they will.



Although it is a European capital, and with 1.2 million inhabitants, it’s still manageable and we can also find the most beautiful villages very close to city, as Kutna Hora. If we move away a little, you can see wonders of the Czech Republic and Cesky Krumlov, Spindleruv Mlyn, Karlovy Vary...


Prague is almost in the geographical Center of Europe (Czech Republic is not Eastern Europe), and we have many capital a few hours away by public transport. For example, Berlin is 4 hours by train, Dresden 2-3 hours, Vienna 2 hours, Bratislava 3, Wroclaw (Poland) 3 hours, so Prague is an ideal base for exploring the heart of Europe heading.


The only bad thing is the timing that may be worse than expected, but that does not mean that snow is even more beautiful Prague and is an ideal place to visit all year round destination.